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Fuji Rock Festival 2017 Part 3: Sat-Sun

OK – I’m bored of writing, so this is gonna get really brief. 

Saturday: rain, rain, rain. The Fin. Ooh yes. Onsen.. ooooooohhh yea! 

By this point Matt had left and given me his rain ensemble after mine had failed me.

THE LEMON TWIGS. Hooray. I’ll actually say that we drank two tall boy 9% strong zeros each whilst watching the Avalanches play in the rain, before heading to the Lemon Twigs. This successfully ensured we are maximum hyperactive mode during their performance and were able to match the energy coming off the stage. They were definitely the highlight of the day.

Afterwards we watched Cornelius which some friends had recommended. Actually, I did listen to some of their stuff beforehand and found it pleasant. In reality: BOOOORIIINGGG. They looked half asleep. Wow. 

After we were almost put into a coma by Cornelius (yes I understand the history of this band and why people are pretending they’re a big deal)… we decided to catch Temples in red Marquee. I can only describe them as being 60% of what the Lemon Twigs were in every way. Apart from physical members and number of instruments.

Aphex Twin was really amazing though… even though I can only ever take so much at one time. We jumped into the mosh pit and got our crazy on. VJ was superb and there was an amazing light show. The torrential rain somehow enhanced the whole performace, as though it had all been planned. If there was going to be torrential rainfall during one of the mainstage performances, then Aphex Twin was certainly the correct choice. 

We then got stuck in insane traffic trying to get to LCD Soundsystem, which was ok. I mean… its LCD Soundsystem, are they ever anything better than the place between good and OK? Songs: good. Presence: OK. Overall performance: somewhere between good and OK. Evaluation: complete.

Sunday summary to come, but first some pictures from Motoko:

LASTLY – geez – SUNDAY. 

Guess what? The weather behaved itself for the most-part. Last mention of the weather - I promise.

Real Estate in the morning were very chill, loved it, thanks guys nice job! We followed them with Jet at the mainstage, which was nostalgic and a very stereotypical festival rock band performance of a rock band. Seriously speaking, If I could sum up the universal expectation of a live performance of a rock band at a music festival, then yeah, there you go: it’s Jet. 

Ku-san (my trusted Japanese teacher) joined us and we had a ball. Bonobo were also incredible, great live show. After being a fan for many years, I was thrilled to see him play live. He also sat in front of us during Bjork which was cool… but I didn’t go speak to him, wasn't feeling it. 

On our way to Bonobo, Chez pointed out a kitsune themed café and told Ku-san that she really wanted a kitsune mask. (this is relevant later).

Chez got bored of Bonobo and then went to watch Lorde, which was sweet in a Sabrina the Teenage Witch kind of way. I caught most of it after Bonobo, but also decided to get food to avoid the mad rush. Also, as with Sabrina, I can only take so much of 14 year old entertainment as someone who is nearly 30 at this point.

Anyway, I’m just gonna get onto the main thing. BJORK. She was AMAZING. Seriously – I was so overwhelmed I could hardly stand, let alone applaud. I could hardly move. I just melted into my chair and loved every moment of it. She was the best. I had been wanting to watch her play live for most of my life, and finally got to see her. That was a huge life checklist and I’m so happy about it. She was everything I wanted her to be and more. Love you Bjork, thanks for existing!

We were on such a high following Bjork, that on the way to catch the last hour of Major Laser we stopped at the Kitsune booth and they gave us a Kitsune mask for FREE! Well, they persuaded us to buy sake in exchange, which was delicious and was the catalyst that descended the night into debauchery and mayhem, so it was in every sense worth it. I told you I would get back to the kitsune stall!

Major Laser was so hyper, so fun and so ridiculous – it was a really great way of exuding all of the excitement and joy that Bjork had filled us with. We danced the only way you can to Major Laser – shaking our booties in an over-the-top manner. Both their live set and Bjork's featured fireworks and insanity.

Following Major Laser, we re-grouped with Motoko and her large crew of Aussie mates at the mainstage for an awesome Elvis cover act with a big band. We danced in a huge circle with about 30 people and initiated a bar mitzvah style circle dance where everyone holds hands and then runs in and out of the middle of the circle simultaneously.

We then exploded all over the festival site – Red Marquee, Crystal Palace, live Bike Show with 7 motorbikers riding in a small sphere, Rookie-a-Go-Go, I befriended a bartender who gave me sweet yuzu sour deals and sake was flying left, right and center.
I accidently found my way into a secret DJ booth and befriended some Colombians. I finally made my way to my tent after 5. Passed out for 2 hours before being woken by the sun.
Monday getting back was a mess. My voice was gone and direct eye-contact became painful. I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 7.30am the following morning ready for work. I came into my office in a sleepy mood and was then greeted by a big black cockroach running around by my desk. That certainly work me up out of my festival spirit and back into the reality of daily routine mundanity.
More pictures:


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