Sunday, 12 February 2017

Making the move

Moving requires a lot of back and forth. The trips between Shimokitazawa and Otsuka are getting a little tedious and expensive... but we've established team Zescobar with a check list; the most invincible tool for organisation and getting shit done. Taking the world one checked off item at a out Japan. The excitement is outweighing the exhaustion and I have the pleasure of overlapping house contracts... without the extra payment.

Day in the life:

I've been selling various things through good old Craigslist. Good bye my antique kimono holder, bed and iron  (ok, not so bothered about that last one).

New position at work that will let me focus on a new project and actively study Japanese. Wahey!

I want to throw a party once the move is done. My dad will then visit after that, then my mum and hopefully my siblings too. I'll probably need to go home in November for weddings. Busy busy busy. Always thinking of the short term, mid term and long term plans. It's only February. Time is moving slow, but life changes are coming quick.

And to top it all off:
That FUJI Rock 2017 line up . Woof.

The line up is a DREAM. Apart from one stinking act: Lorde.  Here's a Lorde parody to deal with that stink hole entry:

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