Saturday, 27 August 2016


Its a procrastination testing day.

There's no deadline, only the pressure I put on myself. But also there is a deadline because I need to register to take an exam which can only be sat twice a year.

Sorry blog.... I need to focus on revision for a while. This is only fun when I feel like it and at the moment I getting sick of screens being too much a part of my daily life enough as it is.

I've finally dyed my hair back to normal brown colour. I also chopped it all off too because it was all dead and destroyed.

I had to explain to my moo that I'm going to have to just be ugly for a while. This means no boys, no fun and no distractions. Sorry, the wait for grandchildren is going to be a bit longer than anticipated.

Just studying, working and breathing. No fun stories no insane episodes. CONFORM DAMN IT.

I've  actually started doing language exchange meet-ups.. they are painful. Why is it so hard to create real situations to speak Japanese when living and working here? The people I meet with to do language exchange are.... people I wouldn't want to speak to in English, so Japanese is just an extra layer of no thanks.

You had a whole Saturday. STUDY go... go yes.

Ok, no thank you. Well, at least by not leaving your room all day you spent no money.

I'm lying, I'm about to go for a run if I can bring myself to bother.

Hmm... already 16.00

What, oh these pictures?  From last weekend. I went out to celebrate my hair change. But also felt weird about it so covered my head with a band. If it looks like I went out alone, that's because for the most part, I did.

oooooh new Avalanches. Here's a bit of colour for the weekend:

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