Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The hug

New anecdote to the Japan life files.

Unfortunately this story is only good when told in person [実は too lazy to type]. Me putting this here was more of a test to see who actually reads this (entry #256 and still keeping it fressssssssssh).

Think of it as a "hey, I just remembered you mentioned a story about a landlady and hug on Zarbaraki, please do tell"-type-situation for when we are next acquainted. I also accept phone calls and Skype requests.

Instead I will leave you with a very unsatisfying nutshell version of the story if a prompt is ever due:

I hugged my landlady because she was telling me off for legitimate irresponsible behaviour and it 100% changed everyone's life. I'm now the favourite tenant with all privileges. The strict level playing field rules of the house no longer apply to me because I used hugging, the most innocent, simply form of a human interaction to my advantage. BOOM.

Now imagine that emoji that is winking with its eye whilst simultaneously sticking out its tongue, but not a small version the size of this text before you, more like a massive version too big to fit on the screen. That's how I see this situation in my minds eye.

No obviously not. The truth is that I'm now full of weird anxieties and a sense of claustrophobia due to an unexpected and rather unusual social obligation I have gotten myself into and might not be able to work my way out of.

Lesson learnt = hugs don't only get you out of trouble by alleviating a situation, but for Japanese people, for whom hugging is not a regular thing, a hug can make a huge difference. Although be aware of the possible side effects that comes with them. You have been warned people. Hug responsibly.

I am now very envious of my friend Tiffani who has a tattoo on her arm that reads huglife  (written in such a way that a quick glance might trick you into thinking it says thuglife).

Damn that's awesome.

And now to round it all up, the award for best secret act to open Fuji Rock Festival in 2016 goes to..........


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  1. Love it, love it, love it!! It's retro and cool and so are you xx


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