Saturday, 13 August 2016

Sea glass

Do you remember decorating your window sill with sea glass?

The sea glass. Oh yes, the beautiful sea glass.

I collected it this morning on the beach in Tatayama, the southern part of Chiba. After pointing out how dangerous all the broken glass on the beach was to my friend Allie, who I was there with on a short camping trip, she explained that this was no ordinary glass. This was sea glass baby, and this shit is gonna rock your world.

Well, actually she gave me a cute story about how her and her brothers used to collect it on family trips growing up. Sea glass are bits of broken glass that after time have been smoothed over and broken down by the sea. Each piece is unique, a mixture between something made by man and then finished by mans best friend: nature.

There was something quite magical about our trip. 

Minutes before leaving yesterday morning we were still sending each other google map pins  destination suggestions. All we knew was, we wanted to go camping, go to the beach and try some hitchhiking.

We managed to tick all the boxes. Every box ticked. Done with a smile and a big red marker. Done. Happened.  

Goals = achieved. Life = beautiful. 

We were shown so much kindness this weekend by the people of Chiba, that I feel so lucky to be here.

Highlights (in no particular order): 

1)The guys camping next to us with whom we shared a beer and a laugh. 

2)The old couple running a soba shop, the only restaurant that was open in the small town of Tomiura. 

3)The family next to us who shared fresh watermelon. 

4)The sea glass, you little wonder, little wonder you. (Yes it deserves another mention).

5) The family that picked up two gaijin hitchhikers and drove us for 2 hours expecting nothing in return. 

6) We both got to practice Japanese throughout and saw a whole bunch of fish, bugs and other creepy crawlies to let us know we were in the inaka.

7) I learnt that you can skim sea shells like stones and it's much easier.

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