Friday, 1 July 2016


The UK continues to be a tricky mess, but Japan is on fire.

Drunk utterances. Something about a weeks worth of tension unloaded through some rough dancing and finally getting the musical release you'd been reading about. 

I attended a party last night that was finally just fun and no flashy nonsense. Everyone was on form and I could feel it. The night was  [Shape Your City event party at the 杯音圏 POP UP in Harajuku]という it ran early which might have been my favorite thing about it. 

Probably due to being hard beaten by a strict 9-5 routine, I no longer have the energy for all-nighters. Ruining the next 2 days and spending all your disposable cash on drinks in a desperate attempt to maintain the good vibes is no longer worth the squeeze.

Regrettably I missed the first two DJ sets, which is sad because those are some lovely chaps, but I certainly got there in time to enjoy the sweet sounds of LLLL. 

LLLL is one of my unspoken (but certainly written) Tokyo musical heroes. It was through discovering his music, among a few others that inspired me to make the move to the big city. Here's a little flavour:

dos・ing  sorted out a free party with free drinks and free friends. Not just the opportunity for those with a strict budget to enjoy a guilt-free event, but the lack of costs created a lack of expectations making everyone a winner. The catch is that the event was sponsored by Heineken, everyone was given drink coupons upon entrance for two free Heineken beers. This was just before the close of the night. Sorry for the crappy snappy quality, but I think it sums up the mood:

Finishing early enough, those who needed to could catch their last train home and those rising to the challenge of night time warriors stayed out to fight their demons. Despite my retreat back to the comforts of good 'ol Shimokitazawa life, I was still able to catch a glimpse of the full nights action through Snapchat footage.

Here's some pictures my housemate sent me this morning. These were all taken post-Heineken consumption:

I never knew what I looked like from behind until I was sent this. Sorry for being egotistic:

I'm so hyped by the quality of my new housemates JJ and Saori:

Its a Saturday morning, Tokyo is hot and 40 years too late I discover Blood, Sweat and Tears.  How many degrees of separation is 70's American blues from contemporary Japanese electronic dance music? If it sounds good then that's all that matters.

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