Sunday, 29 May 2016

Apparently I'm a MPDG

I always wondered if I was a stereotype of something, and if so, what.

My housemate told me this morning that I'm a "manic pixie dream girl";

A stereotype movie roll. Hmm.

Do I fit the bill?

Do I want to?

Secretly yes. Otherwise I wouldn't post this on my stupid blog.

Also I joined an adult gamers group today and played "the werewolves of millers hollow" in Yoyogi park. Not sure how I feel about it.

Went round to Takuji's afterwards and listened to some of his music, We got taiyaki outside Yoyogi station. It's kind of annoying that a stall selling my favourite Japanese dessert food would open up in the area I just lived for six months after I moved out, but also, for health reasons, its probably a good thing that it wasn't there at that time (still....Cookie Time and Magnolia's bakery pretty much ruined me....).

Before cycling home in the warm Tokyo summer air,  Takuji taught me how to meditate. As someone who is very impatient, easily anxious and generally a bit scatty - trying to meditate everyday is probably the best thing I could do to help keep in control of my mind. We had a ten minute practise meditation session, basically changed my life.

Let the good vibes in - let the alien control mechanisms out.

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