Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Moving is 大変

I found a shiny new room at a share house in Shimokita-zawa and gave my notice in at the stinky old Sakura house share house in Yoyogi.

After booking a small rental van from the Nippon rental car company, moving day went like this:

Pick up van - drive to JJ's - pick up bed, watch Florent and JJ carry a semi-double bed down four flights of stairs - drive to new share house, watch Florent and new room mate Colin carry bed up stairs - drive to yoyogi - simultaneously pack stuff and load van, watch Florent and Lorenzo carry my antique wooden dresser into van - eat lunch - drive to new share house - watch Florent and Colin carry dresser upstairs, unload van - drive to recycle shops looking for a desk, fail to find cheap desk - return van - train to new sharehouse to shower - meet up with amigoes in Shibuya for dinner


A few days later I found a cheap desk on Craigslist in Shimokitazawa. Florent carried and assembled it.

I still need a lamp, a chair and to unpack everything properly. Generally, things in the new place are coming together and I'm settling in quite nicely.

Moving is 大変, but mostly for the Florents of the world.

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