Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Another Ibaraki #throwback karaoke party

And this time I was accompanied on the Hitachi express by none other than Gbro, a fellow Ibaraki ALT-alumni. Oh the good old days in the inaka.

What ensued? The same old nonsense.  Causing a fuss in Mito station as a 10 man strong drunken gaijin posse, Lawson onigiri fails, nomihoudai chugging, peace sign selfies with a random group of university students you met for 5 minutes but have somehow already got their Line account details, belting out the same karaoke classics in all their glory, cross dressing, Neil Young harmonica solos and of course a taxi ride to a Chinese restaurant in daikomachi from the Duck at 3 in the morning. Actually, I decided to skip that part in favour of passing out on Daniel's couch. Quite right old girl.

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