Saturday, 7 November 2015

Speaky talk talk yawn tappidy rap

Been back only two months and already talking like an ESL weirdo.

I spoke to a UK person who was on holiday last night - he thought my accent was really strange. But, after speaking to him for longer, I slowly reverted back to normal - apparently.

"oh, well, now you're sounding like a London person, but before you were talking all weird."

So that's what happens, accents revert depending on where we are or who we are talking to. Ground-breaking discovery Ms.Zara thank you. However, how much are we aware of it, when we are doing it, and how much can we control it?

You know when people hate hearing the sound of their own voice on an answer machine or in a video? "oh, ewww, turn it off, I hate hearing the sound of my own voice". Why? embrace it fools. That cringe noise is what the rest of us have to put up with every time you deem it necessary to speak. If you hate it then try to revert it, because apparently there's nothing unnatural about that.

I will leave you with this motivational thought which 100% highlights everything we have discussed this evening (or morning if you are in Japan):

Do you think Pokemon just evolve by accident?


Or is it? I stayed up all night doing karaoke with some of my housemates and a couple of tourists we might as well have picked up off the street. But the case is that we actually met them at this thing we went to.

They were nice, I just like to be dramatic. The thing was good too.... very 'artsy'... oh wow, this is so Tokyo-life blog right now.

Here's a question. 

When you read something written like this by someone you know, do you just read it in your voice, or is it through a sudo-me voice. For those who are familiar with my deep deep ladyman voice, is that what you imagine saying this? What about this? Or even this?

Let's try an experiment with some example sentences.

I want you to imagine this read in a French accent:

Stop doing that and focus. 

If you read that correctly, then the word focus, should have sounded like "fuck us".

OK, here's another one:

Ok, so, take a deep breath and now imagine this said in the voice of Alanis Morrisette:

Isn't it ironic...don't you think?

If you read that correctly you should now have the song 'Ironic' by Alanis Morrisette stuck in your head.

OK great, we can all compare notes on how this experiment went and write it up in some high-brow academic journal.

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