Sunday, 29 November 2015

Flea market

We sold some things at the flea market in Shinjuku central park. The market there is held once every two months. Even if I'm not selling, I would like to go to more flea markets in japan, I've never seen so much great stuff.  We were supposed to pay 2500 yen to sell, but no one ever came asking for the cash, so whatever we made was automatic profit yay! Which is good because I hardly made much at all. However, I really enjoyed haggling with old Japanese ladies.
I learnt to say  "交渉" or "kousho" which directly translates as "negotiation" but is actually used in the context of asking for a discount. Which I was asked for by everyone.
I also couldn't help but buy a couple of things as a lot of women who came to sell off their old clothes offered everything for 100 yen in the last hour of the market. Everyone loves a time sale! Japanese people are known for preserving their clothes in good condition  (which really confuses me because their washing machines do cold water washes only), so it's worth buying things second hand here. 

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