Monday, 26 October 2015


As I sit here and write this tiny weeny non-consequential anecdote, I would like to set the scene. I am trying the Lululun 7 day face mask. Only 300yen from a combini, I figured WHY NOT? You are supposed to do one a day for 7 days and then get transformed into a beautiful lady. How exciting. Let the transformation....BEGIN. The first stage of beauty transformation is looking like a serial killer:


I spent the weekend in Mito, Ibaraki, catching up with old chums and attending the annual Drunken Duck Halloween partay. I re-used my old costume from two years ago. Here's the only picture I have of me in my costume from Saturday night. It's a screen shot I took from a snapchat I just watched of me and Yukiko:

I found a picture of me and Yuk's in our costumes from two years ago, (Halloween 2013) in the same place (Robbie's flat) getting ready for the same party wearing the same thing:

Well, now that that's all cleared up, lets get on with my crappy story:

So when I came back to my Sakura House share house late last night, Sunday night, I was ready to crash. But as I got in, I instantly noticed an annoying noise coming from upstairs. A banging noise. What is that? Seriously? Is it a sex noise? No, the rhythm is too slow and it just isn't. Is there a broken machine or something? I walked out of my room and followed it down the hall. You can hear it everywhere in my apartment. Surely my housemates can hear it too? Suddenly, the shy Chinese guy called Teddy, with whom I've only had two very brief conversations with came out of his room and I caught him on the way to.... I don't know? the bathroom? Anyway, our third conversation went like this:

"Teddy, can you hear that noise?" (I point upwards).


"Isn't that annoying you?"


"How long has it been going on for? I just got back."

"The last 3 nights.. for hours at a time."

"What?! That's insane. Have you complained to Sakura House?"


"Did you think to do anything about it?"


"What do you think it is?"

"A dripping tap"

"OK, well, I'm going to investigate."

I walk all the way up the stairs (we are on floor 1 of 4), I follow the sound upwards. I can actually hear it everywhere. This is crazy. Is there a broken washing machine or something? 

I almost retreat, but that sound it very annoying. I knock on the door of the flat above us. A very nice guy opens the door. He's holding a small ball and a telephone. 

"Hi there, I'm from the flat downstairs, there's a noise I've just noticed, and it might be coming from up here, I was wondering if you can hear it, or know what it is." (I demonstrate with knocking on the door).

His instant response is "Oh, I'm sorry, that's probably coming from me. I've been talking on the phone a lot, and have gotten into the habit of bouncing this ball at the same time. It's probably this."

"yea, I think that's what it is."


I don't think this story is very interesting. But I just enjoy how incredibly passive my housemates are. The guy who was bouncing the ball, was very kind, understanding and friendly. We sort of just laughed it off, and he knew not to do it again, I didn't have to really ask much further. I told him I was relieved that it was coming from him, rather than some broken plumbing or a machine, as that would have been something less easy to deal with. I can't help but visualize Teddy, sitting in his room and having this loud bouncing sound coming from upstairs and just tolerating it, trying not to get super pissed off or going crazy. When I went down for breakfast this morning, I told a couple of my housemates the same story.
"oh, yea I heard that noise too..." One said.

oh really, well .....WHY DIDN'T YOU THINK TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT??  seriously?
Sometimes I just don't get people. Is it me? Am I too fussy?? Or are people too passive? Is it me? Do I get too easily irritated? Maybe don't answer that one. 

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