Monday, 10 August 2015

Back in the USSR

..or back in the UK. London to be precise.

I'm back for a family wedding, an internship and the chance to catch up with some friends. I'm also waiting for my new student visa to be processed.

If everything checks out, I'll be returning to Japan in late September to do an intensive Japanese course in Tokyo.

How exciting!

As far as reverse culture shock goes, I think I've generally been alright. Perhaps I haven't really been away long enough for any severe emotional reactions. The worst thing I had to deal with was a 4 hour stop over in Istanbul. Not only was this airport there incredibly busy, with nowhere to sit, relax or take refuge... but also, the traffic of people passing through Istanbul airport was one of the ugliest and rudest I have ever come across,

After two years in Japan, My biggest "shock" back in London, has been at how tall and fat everyone seems to be. Perhaps it was a little overwhelming going to a crowded shopping center in North London on a Saturday afternoon on my first day back. Yet it was necessary in order to frantically search for a last minute wedding outfit.

We found one. All is fine.

I am missing the Mito matsuri this weekend. Also the ToneRiver Jam festival in Kasama. Fear of Missing Out is in full force.

It feels like living a double life. One of me has been in London this whole time, catching up with friends, keeping an eye on what's going on. The other, has been in Japan. The good news is both Zara's are happy and doing pretty well. I guess life has bigger problems than schizophrenia.

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