Sunday, 26 July 2015

T.O.F.U. beats

Last night I met Tofubeats!


This is what he looks like:

To be fair, I was pretty impressed at my drunken self for recognizing who he was. 

Last night I was at "Mad Decent Night" at Vision in Shibuya. An hour before he went on, I noticed him sat in a hallway on his phone, unaccompanied. I clocked him pretty quick. I knew, of course, it was my destiny to meet the man. So, I introduced myself, told him I loved his music and started by asking him some questions. The guy was very pleasant. I think he might have been a little surprised to have been recognized by a gaijin, but I think by the fact I was chatting to him in broken, poorly-constructed Japanese might have made it somewhat apparent I'm obviously a bit of a Japan-ophile.

We chatted for a good few minutes, he even showed me some pictures of his recent trip to London which was nice. The dude seemed pretty down to earth and friendly,...despite what I had heard earlier that day (shove that down your pipe and smoke it Gbro).

My biggest regret was not getting a picture with him. I didn't have a smartphone or my ipad or any modern camera device on me... however, and I only just realized this, I was carrying a disposable camera. I can't believe I have been carrying that thing with me to so many fun things over the past few weeks and have barely used it.

What a butthole.

Special mention goes to club promoter Not In Service. Danced up front with me and Josh for Tofubeat's set and was a really fun dude. The guy found and chatted to me afterwards, clearly knows a lot of stuff going on in the city. I will be sure to attend one of the nights he works for in the future.

To summarize, Pa Lam's System easily put on the best set last night.

Here is the set they played 

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