Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Just desserts

Remember when you found out the cool life hack that blasting mosquito bites with a hairdryer stops them from being itchy and makes them heal faster?

And then you really hoped for a mosquito bite just to test it out. And then Jesus (that selfish prick) decided to give you what you wished for in some sort of ironic biblical way by overcompensating and giving you a bizillion mosquito bites all at once?

Well, fuck you Jesus and your bible-games, this hairdryer thing is pure magic.

Although, I will listen to the advice of fellow school teachers in future when they tell me not to sit somewhere because there's "many mosquitoes".... instead of laughing in their face because "its the middle of the day, and everyone knows mosquitoes are directly related to vampires". Well guess what Zara? Vampires don't exist and mosquitoes do come out during the daytime.

ps. my students were extra cute today.


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