Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Just about sums things up....

I bleached my hair and eyebrows over the weekend. I am a natural brunette, a dark brunette. I am now blonde. Bright strawberry blond. My hair is big and curly, and it's very noticeable.

I went out on Saturday night after making this change...some people claimed not to even recognize me. Basically, it's a big change.

Come Tuesday morning... the first day back to school after a 3 day awesome weekend. I am hungover and tired. This is probably the best way to be. In this state, you genuinely do not give a fuck. You are focused on simply getting through the day and trying to slip by under the radar.

I'm glad I am feeling this way today, because coming to work with bleached hair is something that I was dreading. It is not getting attention that I was afraid of. Having people mention it, saying something like "すごい, oh wow, your hair!" is not what I dread, let me make that clear. In fact, after making a significant change to your physical appearance, a compliment or some sort of acknowledgement is always a nice thing to receive. What I dreaded was the feeling of being ignored. I am always ignored, but when something noticeable occurs, then the feeling of being ignored is even more potent.

So, how did my colleagues react when I rocked up to school this morning with bleach blonde hair for the first time in my life? They didn't. The Vice Principle, who very clearly dislikes me, seems to have even more contempt towards me. It is so annoying that we sit within each others eye-line. If this was a few months ago, I would be bothered. But, I am leaving this job is 2 weeks. So, I can revel in how ridiculous and stupid this whole things is.

Always after having such great weekends here, with so many fun and interesting things going on, I tend to get the feeling of "Is it a mistake to leave?", but then, when I come to work and have to deal with the cold reception of my colleagues, I know that I am making the right decision.

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