Sunday, 21 June 2015

Techno is boring.

Riley and Zara are slowly infiltrating their way into the inner social circle of an up-and-coming Japanese Indie rock band. Let's call them band X.

Through pure blagging, charm and luck we managed to make a good impression as a friendly gaijin duo. After getting ourselves on the after-party guest-list for X's gig last night, we socialised our way through the ni-ji-kai (second party) and then onto the san-ji-kai (third party), which was effectively a free back-door entrance and a welcoming smile into one of Tokyo's swaggiest nightspots "UNIT".

My selfish thirst to seek out whatever cool underground shit Tokyo has to offer has only been marginally quenched. I am determined to get to the heart of it.

Indie rock is only one genre. As a teenager I thought it was the best; The Libertines, The Strokes, Razorlight, you name it, I pined for it. But not anymore. Band X are truly fantastic. As much as I love their music, I fear that their sound is stuck 10 years in past - in a static space of musical history if you will. I love it because it touches upon my musical memories of youth. It resonates with my nostalgia. But is this what I want? No, of course not, I want to get out of my comfort zone. I want to find the newest trends in Japanese music. I want to watch the conception, ride the musical movement wave into the future and be there to see new legends in the making.

Realistically though, this won't be able to happen until I move down to Tokyo proper. Get my head out of the dreaded countryside. But, mock my words,  IT WILL HAPPEN.

... or you know, probably won't...because I definitely won't have the time or money as a student to support a dream double life where I become the queen of the Tokyo underworld.

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