Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Falling into the soundcloud

I just found a procrastination hole which I was much slower than everyone else to pick up on. It's like the time I didn't know what Reddit was...Although I still can't decide if I think Reddit is great or the biggest waste of time known to internet-man-kind.

Anyway, my new obsession, thanks to a constant stream of URL links being sent between me and my new music friend Mr. Huggins, is called "Soundcloud" have you heard of it? Of course you have!

And yes, in the past people have linked tunes to me over Soundcloud before, but I never took too much acknowledgement of it. This all changed when Yesterday, I actually made an account and now I 'follow' people like an active participant of the internet society I so strive to be a member of.

Hey internet rollercoaster, please don't leave me behind. I have a fully packed bag and am ready to go.

It turns out that despite having being subscribed to Spotify for over 3 years, safe in the supposed knowledge I was paying for the mind-opening music exploring platform that was making me relevant and "up to date with the kids"...Spotify is extremely limiting. There's not much on there if you want to discover anything slightly underground or unknown.

Soundcloud has everything on there.... its all there. ITS ALL THERE. Oh, there it is, Oh, yes, turns out its not just fallen behind the couch, its just there, on Soundcloud.


  1. So give me a name of something I would like!!! Groooovy!!

  2. Check my newest post on Tofubeats x


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