Tuesday, 26 May 2015


A great part-time thing to do in Japan is become a DJ.

Wherever you live in this country (unless its rural as) you're going to find a bunch of small underground bars and jam-spots. If you're thinking "No, I haven't found anything like that", then you just aren't looking hard enough -because they are there, and once you find them, you will wonder what the hell you were wasting time doing beforehand.

One thing I've come to realise is everyone who hangs out at my local music bar is a DJ.... and god is a dancefloor, or something like that...honestly I never feel proud of myself for quoting bad music. Anyway, If your Japanese is weak, but you wanna get in there with the local cool Japanese crew, who you've spotted hanging around the local station with their OTT American hip-hop clothing, cigarette smoking outside of the designated smoking meter-square, and doing other questionable yankii-like activity, then DJing is your in. It is from these cool cats you can learn the "real Japanese" outside of that stiff-sounding keigo you've been wasting time on at work.

'DJ' is the same in every language and music is the universal language of love. Following this line of logic, Bob Marley is the musical word for "peace", so, if you just stick to playing  Bob Marley, you'll probably be very successful. Take my word for it, his music is ridiculously popular in Japan.

Unfortunately I have no skills in DJing. I just about have what, from my own biased opinion can claim, is good taste in music. But it's ok, I just need someone to show me what to do. I've downloaded the free software, I have 0 of the necessary equipment (not even a pair of headphones, let alone the rest of that fancy stuff), but I know I can succeed because I have 60% level of the necessary enthusiasm for it. So, there you go.

And what I'm really trying to say, is that I've come up with a great DJ name, which I will coin now on this under-subscribed, unknown, blogger website officially.

DJ Ango  .
1st album name;  unchained tunes
2nd album name; slave to the music

When living in the land of the rising pun, these epiphanies are inevitable.

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