Friday, 24 October 2014


My friends threw me a surprise birthday party. yay! Always wanted one, it was so nice. I spent the couple days before it trying to figure out if anything had been arranged because people were being unusually flakey in my attempt to make plans, but I didn't want to assume anything was being planned, as I could be setting myself up for a fall. everyone waited at Robbies flat whilst I went for dinner with Riley. We had planned to go to the Duck for a couple drinks, but first she wanted to go by his place to grab a much needed wig-cap for my Halloween costume, and then, surprise. We had some cake and a couple drinks at Robros, and then went down to the duck where there was more cake. So, all in all, a lot of cake was consumed. Ironically I never got the wig cap, so was unable to wear my orange wig at the Halloween party we went to the following night.

Thanks team! Wish there were more pictures:

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