Tuesday, 16 September 2014

tokyo tokyo tokyo

This is reference to last weekend, not this one... unfortunately I'm behind in my blog keeping, so I am posting about two Tokyo weekends in one day.


       "A weekend spent in Tokyo is worth two in Ibaraki"

                                            - Anon

I had a great Tokyo weekend, one to restore my faith in this place and remind me of how great it is to be here.

It consisted of the best gig I've yet been to, Jiro's, free champagne down Omote-Sando and a pizza with honey on it. 

Need I elaborate? Would it be much of a blog if I didn't? Hey, after a year and over a hundred posts, this gets very tedious. I'll return to this space this afternoon when I feel more alive.

On the Friday night I went to a great gig, by Anchorsong and a few other very awesome bands. 

saturday: Jiros - the restaurant. The most expensive sushi meal I have ever had.

Saturday night: Tokyo Shopping night out, free champagne all down Omote-Sando, and two gay guys to enjoy it with. Naturally ending up in Nichome. 

All in all, it was a weekend that ended in a handshake. 

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