Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hong Kong

I went on a last minute holiday to Hong Kong with Grace and Addie, (friends I made studying in Bristol). It was pretty amazing that we managed to meet up, Grace flew over from Delhi, and I, Tokyo. We stayed at her very nice apartment aka. childhood home. We ate some amazing local food and got to hang out with Addie's parents who were very chill. We also got to see a lot of Jess, Addies best mate who we had met before in Bristol. We went shopping, hiked up a mountain to an infinity pool, went to a roof-top bar over-looking the city, went to the market at Stan Lee, took a crap load of different forms of transport, trains, ferries, taxis, minibuses, you name it. 

heres some piccie pics:

There's a One Piece ship in the middle of Hong Kong time square:

Jess (left side) is Addie's best friend from Hong Kong, she's frikin awesome just to clarify.

Me and Grace outside the front of Addie's apartment:

Let's go on an adventure:

At the top of a mountain, on the side of an infinity pool:

Addie and z, my hair at it's shortest in my entire life:

I had a personalised t-shirt printed:

Addie's parents were amazing. They drove us around, showed us the sights, took us for amazing meals, let us stay with them at their very very nice apartment and even took us for dinner one night at the yauht club. I love them. Dominic and Irene rock my world.

Dim sum:

The best flights I could find had a stop over in Taipei:

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