Monday, 11 August 2014

Harry Potter picnic party

This weekend a lot of people said goodbye. Alistair, who was the first friend I made on this programme spent his last night in Ibaraki on Friday. As did Alarna. We we to the duck for old -times sake, and because, quite simply, where else would we go?

On Saturday we threw a surprise birthday party for Riley. I organised a Harry Potter themed picnic party - she is a massive fan of Harry Potter. The only pictures I believe taken at the party are from the Japanese girlfriend of a friend -

The wig had nothing to do with harry Potter - Joshs' girlfriend just happened to be wearing it. I went with Sam (Eto - rileys friend from Alabama who also lives here) to Costco the night before. We bought a massive chocolate cake which was so big it had to be cut in half to fit on Robbies fridge.

We also played "Quidditch Beer Pong" in which there were yellow hoops in the middle of the table:
Look what I just made!!

getting the ball through a hoop accounted for two balls. I actually managed to get it once - but it was pretty difficult. When it got dark we lit mini fireworks and played with sparklers. I got a little over-excited and started chasing people around with them. I also tried to set off the entire packet of sparklers in one go. Luckily everyone stopped me. Or....unluckily.

By Saturday night I was completely exhausted - the stress of organising the part combined with a few consecutive sleepless nights led to my early departure from the party. The others went on to do karaoke.

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