Wednesday, 2 July 2014

When Chez came to visit 6: The final couple of days

Well, looks like this shit is about to get summarised. It's a Wednesday morning and I have no classes today.

Hmm... what happened the last few days of Chez being here. Well, she went back down to Tokyo again and stayed in an air bnb apartment in Koenji. I went down and joined her after work on the Friday. I had never been to Koenji, which turned out to be a really nice area. We went for a little walk around and then ended up going for dinner in this fun little restaurant with swinging chairs.

We went back and had a nice big sleep. On Saturday we wanted to go to a cat cafe in Jichijoji. We found a really nice place online - but unfortunately typed the wrong address into google maps. We ended up at a reject cat cafe with a bunch of ugly smelly cats and werid people.

we cut our losses and decided to find the first cat cafe we wanted to go to... the nice one. We found it later.

it was pretty awesome:

we had some yummy food:

Chez was excited because we saw a dwarf cat:

There was a menu of cats:

Afterwards we went to Akihabara:

We went to the AKB48 shop: 

And played on a taiko drumming game:

and we went for some yummy sashimi:

We went to Shinjuku and walked around for a while. We went to a massive bookshop with an English section so chez could find a book for Korea.

Afterwards we went back to the room, relaxed for a while, and then met up with Yuri and her mum Kotomi in Kichijoji. We took Chez for yakiniku on her last night:

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