Wednesday, 2 July 2014

When Chez came to visit 5 : Tokyo trip

ergh I just ate a huge packet of cashew nuts. We head to Tokyo on the Saturday evening after our Ushiku visit. We met with Josh and got dinner.

Then Chez and I head to Shibuya to meet some of he friends at this little club. Cant remember the name... Trump something? meh. It had loads of chandeliers on the ceiling it was pretty nice:

We headed back to Josh's in Shinjuku.

The next day the three of us (me, Chez and Josh) went to a little flea market thing at a shrine of something or nothing, but mostly a thing:

We ate some yummy chinese stuff. I got one for free because the lady like Josh. God knows why, that guy can be really rude.

After this we took Chez to Yoyogi park in Harajuku:

There were some green people doing green people stuff like walking in a line and wearing green:

This mime was pretty entertaining for a good 15 minutes:

And then we walked around an world food market finding something to eat for a period of time that felt three times longer than what it probably was:

After this we went to the Tokyo station area where I needed to get my coach back. We ate some really yummy food at a tongue restaurant. I was exhausted and got on a coach straight from tokyo station to a 10 minute walk from my front door. Amazing!

Chez went to Hakone for the day on Monday and when she came back she bought a bag of black eggs.

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