Monday, 23 June 2014

When Chez came to visit 1: Arrival, Ueno, Golden Gai and Ghibli

Chez was here the last few weeks. Im so glad that everyone else in the world uses a camera... it makes it so easy to recall everything. She took so many photographs that I can describe everything that happened in a fun picture book way.

Where did it start? Saturday 31st of May. I met Chez very early saturday morning in Ueno. We were both tired...and Chez was in need of a shower, but we were not able to check into our awful little guest house until midday, so we dumped off her cases and took a walk around the area. 

Here we are at Ueno park:

For reasons too boring to explain, I had registered us as being Welsh at the guest house... when we arrived this placard was hanging in the window:

We checked in, showered, got dressed and continued exploring. I took Chez to Harajuku:

Heres a phone charm I bought and lost on the same day:

Hey Chez, how long does it take to reach the other side of the universe? Answer:

Later we journeyed to Shibuya (home of the infamous crossing):

Here we met up with Josh for a sushi dinner:

We met up with Racheal and went to the Golden Gai... an area in Shinjuku with loads of tiny bars, usually fitting up to 5 people.

We settled into a little bar called 'Lonely'... we shouldn't have been that surprised that the owner of the bar seemed somewhat deprived of company. Despite the language barrier, he managed to tell us his entire life story, showed us his photo albums and sang us some songs he had written.

Chez's friend Jess came and met us with her boyfriend and housemate:

We took one of the last trains back to our guesthouse in Ueno.

In the morning we set out for The Studio Ghibli Museum in Kichijoji. On the train we drank some tropical yummy stuff:

Heres some pictures from the Ghibli place:

Who's this friendly giant robot?:

I guess we didnt really take any pictures inside the place...whoops. 

Afterwards I took Chez to Roppongi. 

I took Chez to the TV Asahi building where I went with Daniel a few weeks prior....Looks like Chez also got along with the cast:

I then took chez to my favourite Tsukemen chain:

We were pretty exhausted by this point, so we slowly headed back to Ibaraki. We dumbly took the slow train - so got in kinda late.

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