Monday, 23 June 2014

When Chez came to visit 4 : Ushiku

On the saturday of Chez's 3rd weekend, after a night of hardcore karaoke we went on a rather nice day trip. However, that morning was filled with rushing around, missing trains, a very long horrible bus jouney, an insane amount of heat and many bottles of water.

But in the end we got Ushiku. The largest standing buddha in the world which happens to be in Ibaraki.

The site also has a rather nice carp pond, and of course what all massive buddhas need... a petting zoo.

Dr. Freddy DoLittle

I discovered that Riley has a weird love of goats. Something has always told me not to trust her, and now I know why:

There is something very pathetic about this:

Hey! its one of those face hole things... the epitome of a fun day out:

Did I mention there was a monkey show? It made me feel depressed like the time I saw the dophin show at the Oarai aquarium. I mean, were those monkeys even trying? The low standard of their so called "magic tricks" would say otherwise. Also when they made the monkeys bow to us by pulling on their neck chains I felt that they didn't bow low enough and felt personally disrespected.

Daniel was there with his bruva:

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