Monday, 23 June 2014

When Chez came to visit 2: Welcome to Ibaraki life

On Monday I took Chez to school with me. I took her to the technical school where I teach on a Monday. This school is 95% genki male students so the attention chez got was pretty funny.

This was taken in the school office:

We took some pictures with one of my classes, but I am not allowed to post pictures of students on the internet... so I won't.

Outside the school we saw a rare, poisonous bug:

On Monday night I took Chez to Babas - a little bar we sometimes go on a Monday night which has a group of local rockers - basically a jam night where everyone is encouraged to join in. Although I have no musical talent, I have on occasion taken to the mic. Japanese karaoke culture has gotten to my head for sure.

Daniel turned up with his little brother Micheal, and Chris showed up with a cool hat:

I dont remember what we did on Tuesday night, probably took it easy? Agh no - I think we went to the drunken duck maybe... hmm, who can be sure? In fact, yes, thats exactly what happened because I just found a photograph:

I took Chez to my base school on Wednesday, where we went to 4 classes of students giving "movie review" presentations. It was cute. I made chez be a judge. I also took her to my Wedneday Australia club thing - where some students who are doing an exchange trip to Australia have been preparing presentations. We had a mini Q&A with Chez as she is 100% a complete expert on the place. You can literally ask Chez anything about Australia and she will know the answer.

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