Friday, 6 June 2014

The biggest sleepover party you ever me

The night before I got a lift from John Dicks who had driven up from southern Ibaraki. He was accompanied by Nathan. We stayed over at Hanas with Marlys (more or less) this was a night which would later be known as the "pre-slumber party slumber party". Nathan and I unexpectedly had a bad case of the giggles and couldn't fall asleep for a little while. When we eventually woke up, I forced all to listen to BBC radio as we waiting for the rest of our Ibaraki crew to assemble at Hanas house in Hitachi-Omiya. 

3 log cabins were hired for one night. ALT's from over 3 prefectures came. As a group of Ibarakians, we were 11 strong and drove up in 3 cars.

I had a pair of cheap cat glasses ready for the weekend which I had bought at the Fashion Cruise mall with Mizuki:

On the road:

When we arrived, we set up camp at a log cabin:

It was a great night! To start with we played some Mario Party on N64:

Tommy was there:

Jesse was there wearing a scalf I made him!:

There was a barbecue:

Riley and Yukiko:

These are some of the finest ladies I've met this side of Asia:

People were wearing pajamas:

Robbie made friends with a moustached man. It was later discovered to be Nathan with facial hair:

In the morning we made a breakfast feast:

A group photograph was taken - not all were present for it... but you get the general idea:

Some Ibaraki group shots were taken (each prefecture had a group shot):

Laurence was the only Chiba representative:

The Fuku crew:

Niigata people:

I drove back and can't remember too much. We were all very exhausted. I went for a long run and then watched a lot of rubbish on tv.

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