Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mito Yozakura at Gokoku shrine

Celebrating the incredibly short period of time in which sakura blooms - there was a small but great yozakura festival in Mito near to Gokoku shrine.

The yozakura was on for a whole week but I only went for one night because I'm tired, lazy and have other priorities (like attending japanese class, washing my hair and watching Ally McBeal dvds). Naturally, Daniel and others made a point of going every evening.

Luckily Robbie took loads of very nice pictues of the event which I will now steal and pass off as my own work below.

It was a beautiful night:

Khaki who runs anglers (the beer pong bar in Mito) found us:

That group of people I spend too much time with:

One of the businessmen on the table next to us at an enkai was more than happy to demonstrate a Japanese game in which you break a pair of chopsticks using your underwear and butt cheeks. I am yet to try this out.

There was karaoke:

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