Thursday, 1 May 2014

how am i getting away with this

those oh so hung over days at work being the most unbearable parts of my week. the days where pressing the shift kep to make capital letters is too much of a stretch. it is 8.46. I am sat at my desk with a pot noodle brewing for my breakfast. that will by far be the best part of my day. that and when i sneak out for a 2 hour long lunch break. oh whoops, did i let time get ahead of me?. upon learning that my thursday school was off this week, I was pretty happy. we were out for chris' birthday last night. naturally, i was convinced at the last moment - probably an hour after i had originally planned to leave - to start drinking. leave your car at the duck. it will be fine. lets all go back to robbies new apartment. leaving a set of pajamas there when he moved in was the best bit of pre-planning ive probably ever done. a beautiful moment occured when robbie presented a brand new anpanman toothbrush to me, fresh out of the package. it was the right piece of equipment at the exact right moment.

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