Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I guess nothing too exciting is happening at the moment as I'm "saving". I forgot my planner diary at home today, so I really can't tell you what's been going on.

I can start with last night and work backwards.

I went for dinner with Freddy and Alistair in Oarai. We found a local restaurant where you pay 1000 yen and get a bowl of your choice of soba AND a donbori - what a bargain. For no apparent reason I couldn't sleep last night until about 4. I'm fine, just sometimes it happens. I'm drinking coffee now in preparation for a lesson I have to do in 7 minutes. That was a well chosen time to start writing a blog post. I can see in my face when I've had a sleepless night because I look like I've been crying..or am about to. The truth is its just my eyeballs reaction to light when all they want to do is safely snuggle behind the comfort of my eyelids. Sorry guys - work and all that.

Maybe I never added these things:

There was a suprise birthday for maccy mac. We waited in an all you can eat and sushi restaurant (thats right - drinking sushi) waiting for an hour starving.  Eventually he came in and we cheered. Then the massacre of a million pieces of sushi occurred. Unfortunately we ordered waaay too much food - and then had to discretely take it in turns to go to the bathroom and hide/flush food in various places. I dont know why I dont bring tupperwear to restaurants with me here - I really don't.

heres me and the birthday boy mac mac magee:

heres the group shot:

Then we went to the duck afterwards..standard. This is what having fun with your friends looks like:


I got tired and left early. This is evidence of that:

The day after this I went to hitachi seaside park with daniel, tommy and mamina:

Oh yea, Hana and Marlys showed up and demonstrated gymnastics:

Also Maccy Mac rocked up on his bike and then pretended to be a moving vehicle:

I tried to skateboard - but in the end needed a hand:

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