Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Its so unfortunate the day I remembered to update this blog is when Im running on an hours sleep. But if I dont get this stuff down it will be lost from all human memory forever. I'm not gonna let that deep awful black hole absorb all my precious memories. No sir, not today thank you.

I slept for one hour due to my old friend - anxiety. I'm driving to Narita later today to pick up moo. 2 hours there - 2 hours back. Thats the kind of stupid rubbish I loose sleep over. I hate driving long distance that much. grrr.

I will now bring you to last weekend - or the weekend before last. As I write this I'm listening to some old Fleetwood Mac, very fitting. The music mixed with my exhausted state is what I believe to be a recipe for rambling - going off topic and nonsensical solely-made observations. Good luck trudging through this one.

 I will also point out at this early stage that I am quite gutted to be this tired, as I've ordered a tonne of books of amazon - they are sat on my desk so crisp, so fresh, so so inviting. Yet I can't touch any of them. This is the first day of three weeks where I will have no classes and only time to read and dabble into the complex realm of kanji - I was looking forward to this hiatus. But in some ironic twist of fate I know that if I attempt to so much as read a synopsis - an introduction - or even a contents page - it will be too much for my fragile state of mind. Sleep will be the ultimate victor. Sleep, dizziness and a vegetable like state.

Ok, onto the next post.

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