Friday, 28 March 2014

car-related incidents

I dont really want to relay any of these stories just yet - as I need to keep a certain degree of confidentiality.  But I realise I should make note of them to jog the old memory-box in the future:

- The time I scratched a womans car and had to deal with the consequences.

not such a great story. But it was something that happened to me very early on, and taught me a lot about the workings of Japanese customs. For that it was an important memory for me.

-The time I was pulled over in Mito when Lucy (Allen) was vitisting.

I really can't go into detail with this story at all. This was one of the most frightening moments of my life. But anyone who understands Japanese road laws will appreciate how incredibly lucky I have been. 
I will always be grateful to Lucy who gave me the best advice at the exact time I needed it "be cool".

-The time moo was visiting and we parked in the wrong spot.

What an insane sitation, it just happened this week. I think I still need a little time to digest it.

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