Tuesday, 18 March 2014

a change of plans

After the most disappointing meal at the worst Mexican restaurant - possibly on earth? El Paso, a restaurant in Hitachinaka city - never go there. We were upset and angry upon leaving, I really dont want to go into why it was so bad - but just think about every aspect you might consider when judging the quality of a restaurant. Now imagine a sudo-Mexican restaurant in a Japanese suburban town - failing at every single one of them. Getting the worst score in every category that you would judge a restaurant by. Thats El Paso. I was with Daniel, Robbie and Riles. The plan was to then go ice skating - after a failed attempt on the Hokkiado trip (although I was glad that had occured as we had a fantastic snow ball fight in its place).

Daniel and I spent too long getting cosy under my kotatsu. I lit some incense and made some tea. We were never going to join the others at the rink in Tokai. Did I feel bad about it? I guess a little. But in retrospect, I'm glad. I took Daniel on a little road trip around my town. I showed him my favourite secret shrine spot - so romantic - although I might point out that his and my friendship is in no way romantic. But the day we spent together was one of romantic beauty. We sat and admired the view of the ocean. That radiation infested beautiful ocean by Hitachinaka seaside. We drove to Nakaminato. We got lost and then found, and then realised we had gone in a massive circle. We listened to music in the car. We went to a combini. We had some sashimi. We went to a recycle shop. We bought nothing. We watched some episodes of Adventure Time. He napped, I knitted a scalf. What a lovely afternoon.

The night prior at an all you can eat and drink Italian place in Mito station this photograph was taken:

Daniel Lin is many things to many people. ALT, Chinese-Canadian, hustler, musician, international playboy, One Piece enthusiast, sushi chef, drunkard. But to me, he will always be the man who coined the term "best life ever".

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