Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hokkaido trip part 2

Saturday: The big day

I tried skiing. After mastered the bunny slope, I had developed false confidence in my abilities. This resulted in me falling on my face many many times on what was labelled the "beginners slope"- it was pretty steep I thought. Well, I certainly ate a lot of snow. Apparently I dont know how to turn whilst skiing - I clearly lack any control. This means that I end up going waaay too fast down mountains and then forcing myself to stop the only way I know how - by plunging myself face first into the oh so soft Hokkaido mountain snow if Niseko. How romantic.

We went to a bar called "Wild Bills", where an ex-Ibaraki gaijin was working. I ended up sleeping in the linen cupboard of a youth hostel.

At the so called place with Randy after I forced myself behind the DJ booth:

I couldnt find any pictures with me wearing ski-gear....yet.

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