Thursday, 2 January 2014


I am back in my apartment. the journey was so smooth. so easy, organised, nothing difficult. My apartment is nice and clean as I left it - its a sunny day, the weather is great, not too cold - not a cloud in the sky and not even a breeze. I guess this was a good day to come back.

Now im in a tired and hazy mood from the over-night flight. I don't want to unpack - I hate unpacking. My ears are still all bunged up from the flight. I can never get away with that - it always get it bad. I spoke to the guy sitting next to me on the flight, and we started talking about it, I asked him if he ever suffered from his ears blocking up on flights, and he said "oh, I used to get it when I was little, but Ive grown out of it". WHAAT? What does he mean?? Its not a toy, or a piece of clothing, you cant just grow out of it? it either happens or it doesn't surely? maybe I really don't understand the science behind what happens to peoples ears on planes.

My sister has uploaded all the pictures from our holiday onto facebook. So in the short time I've been back I've already scrolled through them all. I feel quite sad being back so soon - our holiday was so nice - Sydney is such a chilled place and it was HOT (not to mention there's so many yummy food places). Everyone else will stay there for another week. JEALOUS. On my last day I got to see aunty mayfish for a few hours which is always funny, she lives in Cairns, and had just flown in from a trip to Perth, so we overlapped our time in Sydney by about 4 hours. We also got to spend some time with cousin Jason, who lives in Melbourne, but coincidentally had arranged to come to Sydney over the holidays. What great timing to see all my favourite Aussie relatives.

Theres a chance that I might go visit aunty mayfish in May sometime. Apparently its not a very long flight between japan and northern Australia. Also Ive been told that I must see the great barrier reef before its all knocked down and destroyed. I also have to fly to Israel in July for Amanda's wedding. So much flying around. makes me nervous.

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