Tuesday, 14 January 2014

back into the swing of things


I feel bad that my last blog post had such a negative tone to it. I got a few really nice suppotive messages from various friends from home, thanks for your concern team home-people, i want you to know im doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was honestly having a couple bad days.. post-holiday/January blues. feeling better now!

-My brother was here for a few days - that was fun - but also a little stressful (but mostly fun). I seriously hope he made his flight this morning and has sorted everything out!

-I have signed up to do a 5K run in daigo. I dont know what that means exactly I have no idea how km work - ive never done a marathon style thing before. in fact i havent done any sports since about 2008.  But its fine, Im waking up a little bit earlier everyday to jog in my living room for 10 minutes to music whilst waving my arms around... (i hope that is enough training?)

- Im going to do a nature walk thang to the top of mt.tskuba next weekend with a big group of amigos.

-been chilling with my friends here always makes me feel good!

- getting back into the swing of practising japanese - and being super genki with it all. also going to a new japanese class tonight. if it goes well then i will be going to japanese classes on both tuesday and thursday nights. jeez - this is gonna be a bit full on I think. But hopefully I can improve quite fast! (well thats overly optimisitc) its more like i hope to learn less slow - maybe a bump up from snail speed - to bigger snail speed?

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  1. Hi Za Za, your bro got back ok, he was really knackered but fine, in fact I think he quite enjoyed relaxing at the airport with just his ipad and a french guy all night without running around. So, all good, he was really pleased to spend time with you. Oh, just read that back, sounds like he was getting it on the french guy, ha ha, no, just chatting!!! xxxx


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