Monday, 6 January 2014

A chocolate disappointment

My favourite restaurant in Israel is Max brenner. A chocolate specialist. I went with my cousins in Tel Aviv numerous times. I was excited to see that one was opening in Tokyo. However, now that it has opened there is a line for an hour and a half outside of it. So I guess I wont be going anytime soon. There's also a few branches in Sydney. As excited as I was by this news, I was disappointed by the quality of Max Brenner in Sydney. How can they make chocolate pizza soooo good in Israel, that I've spent almost 2 years craving my next one, to finally having one in Sydney that was so BAD that I've been put off for life? DEAR GOD WHY?

You can't fake this sort of deranged excitment.

This is the last time I will smile over a chocolate pizza. thats for sure.

In other news my new years resolution is to stop eating chocolate for a year. 6 days in and im doing well. Lets see how long it takes until I crack. Hopefully long enough that my skin clears up a bit. I know that chocolate has been the source of my bad skin - but ive always been too weak to give up my addiction. I just love the stuff, what can I say?

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