Sunday, 29 December 2013


Once my sister has uploaded some pictorials from this holiday onto the book of face or emailed them to me like some stone age wench I will then fill this space with little descriptions and whatnots in an attempt to remind myself of all that takes place in my life.lets not leave anything blank now.  A blog like this is really good if your worried about getting one of those memory altering illnesses or take a bad fall and bump your head and your memory gets erased like in that movie. Weird if it happens to me in the future and the only thing I have to remember my life by was a blog from some time I spent in Japan.  If your thinking "well that's stupid because there's the whole of Facebook which back logs loads of random stuff and interactions or whatever... As well as all your photos and physical artifacts"; Please keep in mind that I'm obviously referring to the fact that that stuff might all be destroyed in the cyber space wars of 2031-37. Durrrr.

I got to pick an outfit out for joe:

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