Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sushi making

What a great evening!

The supervisor from my Tuesday school invited me round to have dinner with his family. His wife is a professional chef- she taught me how to make sushi!! Awesome. Their home was amazing - unlike any other japanese house I've seen. It was really big and western style. their home is a modern piece of architecture built 4 years ago- it felt very European - my parents would have loved it. All open plan and white with a huge wood burner fireplace in the middle heating up the entire home. The husband actually chops the wood himself and they have a huge load of wood stored outside. They have two little girls who are insanely cute- 8 and 11 years old. they acted as my sushi assistants. They also had a very playful and completely adorable golden retriever - so sweet!! I love dogs!!!!
It was one of those nights were when I left everyone ran outside to wave me goodbye as I drove off- I love when that happens like being in a movie. 
They said I can come round whenever Im hungry aweeeeesome

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