Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lucys trip day 2

On the Sunday we went to the Ibaraki University festival where all the students set up little stalls selling food. theres also some stages with performaces and loads of other random stuff going on. Tommy and Daniel:
I found a chocolate covered banana and it was amazing:
Some sport team initiation went past, this suddenly reminded me of being at Kent:
Arent we all just so cute? from left to right, riley, me, yukiko and Lucy:
There was A LOT of break dancing:
Lucy and I then went for dinner with some chums at a soba restaurant. We played some word games and generally just unwound with some beers after a day of walking around.
me and lucy entangled:
Freddy........and cage (cant remember french guy in the middles name at this present moment:
After the meal, Lucy and I took the bus back to Mito station, we were discussing how we would take it easy and chill the next day.... blablabla, until at Mito station we bumped into Dyar and Daniel who asked us if we would like to go on an impromptu trip down to Tokyo. hmmm... I had daikyuu (day off) the next day, and Lucy was there, so we were like OK!! We picked up some road beers and Dyar drove us down to Moriya (where he lives). Dyar lives very close to Tokyo - so the plan was to get back to his (about midnight) and then head into tokyo early the next morning. Heres Daniel in the car on the way down:
Before heading to his apartment, Dyar decided that we should stop by his local shrine to pay our respects:

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