Wednesday, 11 December 2013

lucys trip day 1

now that I have sneakily installed goggle chrome on the pc at work - The internet is working really fast. AMAZING. I also finally have so free time... so i can back-track a bit. and update this blog. Saturday November 10th, I pick Lucy up from Narita airport. Here is Lucy at arrivals:
We go for a quick ramen - Lucy's inability to use chopsticks is suddenly revealed. Photo - unfound. That night we take the train into Mito. we are greeted by a group of my friends at the station. Dyar feels guilty because he has cracked Daniel's new iphone5 in a skate boarding accident. I write what I can remember, so that I can look back and remember things as being real. I don't care if these details are uninteresting son. - we head over to one of our usual ezakiyas (japanese bars).. we call it beckys bar. It is called beckys bar because tommy has a birth defect whereby he assumes all attractive females name is Becky. There is a waitress he finds attractive - so the bar in named after her. wow - what a hilarious in-joke (I hope my sarcasm was detected on that point). I never met the waitress as I seemed to never be there at the same time as her (like some Clark Kent superman shit). The story with the waitress is well-established amongst our group of friends, we have been going there for a while. Heres the long awaited twist - I finally met her last weekend, turns out she is one of my students. why? because Japan. thats why, thats always why. damn you japan with your sneaky twists and turns. Anyway, we went to beckys with Lucy as shown below. daniel, me and Dyar:
Lucy and Daniel:
Next thang we went to that out-of place beer pong bar in Mito:
People like playing jenga there:
The bar was FULL of god forsaken gaijin - shock shock horror. In the end we took a cab back to Hitachinaka with Racheal (new friend from New Zealand) and her weird* man called Maru (turkish Cypriot - looks a lot like robert downey Jr.) *weird = funky

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