Monday, 16 December 2013

Apple Onsen

I took a trip up to the onsen in Daigo - a town in northern Ibaraki. I went with 3 boys which meant that I had to go to the onsen alone. It was me and a whole load of naked Japanese ladies. odd situation to find yourself in. 

 The onsen in Daigo is great - its in this really old-fashioned area with traditional japanese architecture and a beautiful mountainous landscape, all pretty and green. There were 3 outdoor pools to choose from - one of them was filled with roses, one filled with apples and one overlooking a forest. I rotated between them all. They also had a sauna - I love saunas. It was so luxurious and nice, I got a loyalty stamp card which im hoping to slowly fill up over my time here. 

 Im currently sat in the office of my Monday school. Its monday morning and people are rushing around getting ready for the start of the week. I am surrounded by grunting, sniffing sighing and general Japnese people office noises that make me shudder with discomfort when im feeling too sleepy to be here. I need a few hours on a Monday morning to make me feel settled again into work and my weekly routine. I think I'd rather be back at the onsen.

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