Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The new normal

It already feels like there is less for me to write about. At first everything was so novel and interesting – there were a million different things I wanted to write about – all the mini culture shocks seemed so exciting at first. But after only a few months I already feel rather settled into life here – and all those little things have blurred into the background and have become the norm. I’ve found that adapting to life here has been an easier and quicker process than I anticipated. It only takes a friend visiting from home to make you realise how much you’ve learnt. At the moment my friend Lucy is here visiting. We’ve been having fun – I’ll write about the stuff we’ve been up to after she’s gone (mainly so I can use her photos after she uploads them). I’m not denying that there are still a whole load of things I haven’t gotten my head around (like the language!) – but I would say that I have adapted to a lot of it. It has taken Lucy coming here and asking me questions about things I now find obvious and demystified to make me realise that I have come a long way.

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