Monday, 18 November 2013

Dead bird

About three weeks ago, after waking up on a Thursday morning, I opened the sliding door between my living room and kitchen. I was met by the scampering sound of an animal in distress. It was immediately apparent that there was something in my kitchen so I slammed the door back closed and then did that girly thing where you shake your hands in front of your petrified looking face repeating "ohMyGodOhMYGodOhMyGod". 

I waiting a few minutes before opening the door again- this time I opened it very softly and only by a fraction - enough for me to give the room a quick eyeball scan. I saw nothing. I heard nothing. I then banged loudly against the side of the door and in response the animal started again. I figured it was either the sound of a rat stuck somewhere (ewwww) or a bird - whatever it was I was horrified and didn't want something to spring out and attack me. Sneaking past the kitchen I got ready for school and left - I decided to pick up breakfast on the way in.

When I got home that evening I tried to see if the animal was still there- I banged a few times- but there was nothing, I knew that whatever it was had either found a way out or had died - either way the threat was temporarily gone. 

Fast forward to last week. By this point I had forgotten all about the animal in the kitchen. On Wednesday a teacher from my school came round to help me set up my heater - we had to go to the local hardware store and fill my oil container. When we got back the teacher showed me how to pump the oil into the heater - all very straightforward stuff. Anyway - after the job was done, he asked me where I would like to store the oil container- So I thought the space next to the side of my fridge would be best. There was a big box of cleaning products there- but I quickly sorted through them realising that most of them were empty and flattened the box. By clearing the space between my washing machine and fridge, I could now access a very small part of my kitchen which I was never able to do so before. Immediately, I moved into it and peered behind the fridge. And there I saw it, a dead sparrow. 

Suddenly everything made sense and I felt more relief than shock - I was fairly casual in announcing the presence of the animal to the teacher and Lucy (friend visiting at the moment). Of course they were much more surprised than I was. I was very glad that this all happened when a Japanese man was present - as courteous as they are - the teacher manned up and disposed of the thing.

Here's a snapchat that was sent out after the bird had made its way to the rubbish:

The bird was behind the fridge in my kitchen:


  1. You are so brave my little Za Za, oh wait a minute, no, youre not brave at all!!!! ha ha, xxx

  2. Poor birdy.Nice light in your kitchen. A spider the size of a mouse ran across my floor the other night. I trapped it in a a glass and immediately it began spinning a web.


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