Friday, 25 October 2013


On Marc's last night of his trip to Japan we stayed at an onsen resort in Hakone. Here are some pictures:


Can you spot the MASSIVE spider:

The very amazing meal with a million dishes that eventually gave us both food poisoning:

This was the second course:

Yukata fashion:

What a faux-pas, I am totally wearing shoes on the tatami mat - oh the shame!!!!!:

Our private room where we had all meals served to us - as well as futons laid us for us to sleep on:

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  1. Oh no! Food poisoning! But it still looks yummy! You suit the kimono, blimey, are you turning Japanese?????? Yes, Zara, that was a shame about the invite, you are a horrible person!!!!!!!!!! ha ha (not really) xx
    Hey, I think I'm going to book for March to come, two weeks in Oz first, then two weeks in Japan, dont stress about taking time off, just do what you can, let me know if this will be fine, it will be about middle of March, I would fly to Tokyo, then perhaps stay a couple of days near you, then travel about a bit, see anyway xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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