Saturday, 26 October 2013

Birrfday weekend

Last weekend I had my birthday. It was a great time.

Friday Saturday and Sunday nights were all incredibly fun.

Friday night looked like this:

This was in a local japanese style bar in Katsuta with some new local amigos.

On Saturday we went to hitachi sea-side park. Here's some pictures:

We also went on some amusement park rides, zara was taught how to throw an American style football by some Americans and Alistair hatched out of an egg (as shown above).

Saturday night was the big drunken duck Halloween party in Mito, we went in a big group in our costumes looking something like this:

The party was incredibly fun- there were a lot of people there - somehow not many pictures were taken at the actual event. All I will say is that japanese people do Halloween costumes exceptionally well. 

On Sunday I had an American style pancake breakfast round Lisa's... Who could ask for a better birthday breakfast? I then went round to Daniels and played Settlers of Catan 3 times (my new board game addiction). After the last round those of us remaining went to an American themed bar in Mito. For my birthday, I was taught how to play beer pong properly on a professional table, by Tommy, a real life American frat boy (something that up to this point in my life I only believe existed in American Pie movies).

Funny how you move to Japan wanting to plunge into Japanese culture only to find yourself learning more and more about America. If I was going to get all snide I would make a comment about how this bears some sort of reflection to American imperialism in the modern world .... But I won't.

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