Thursday, 26 September 2013


My Thursday school - is my second favourite school (of 4). The kids are a very lowest level - they have no motivation whatsoever, Im very luckily if they are all still awake by the end of the class (that is NOT a reflection of my teaching skills!! japanese students have a weird habit of just sleeping whenever they are not interested - i wish I could just fall asleep so easily - trust me!) .. the kids here are cheeky, naughty and badly behaved. On top of this, my Thursday schedule is not easy - I have 4 lessons back-to-back and it is exhausting. 

 So why do I like it here so much? The teachers of course! 

In my other schools being the only non-native with no Japanese I am naturally isolated - I cannot join in the teacher office banter - I do not understand announcements - I am a loner. I often just fall into the background. (although I dont mind - because now that I actually have work to be getting on with I can get on with my work). here - the teachers are very sweet. 

The English teachers talk to me all the time - after school today I am going out for dinner for two of them - this is almost the only case of teachers actually wanting to spend time with me outside of school (although I imagine I will be invited to a few things via my base school)... One of the teachers at this school is a really old japanese lady. She literally treats me like I am her grandchild - a pleasure I have never experienced in life before. 
This is the only school where they dont order bento - so im expected to bring in a packed lunch. Although really, I shouldnt bother as my grandma is constantly feeding me - its great. She waits on me hand and foot - hot drinks - cold drinks - fruit- cakes - treats - yogurts etc. its great. Im treated so well here. Grandma is amazing at english too - she has spent a lot of time in the UK and loves it there. Shes loves Winston Churchill and has more or less told me his life story. I came in today expecting her to give me a biography of him, as she promised last week. But instead she told me that her book is very old and in bad condition, so she has ordered one online to lend me (possibly give me...not sure) how sweet is that? seriously? Thursdays are a pleasure. The kids can be as crap as they like, Ive got grandma to protect me.

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  1. Aaaaaah, please thank Grandma from your Mama, I feel almost guilty that you lot didnt have Grandma's, you had better hurry and start reproducing if you want your children to have a Grandma !!! Dont let those kids be cheeky to you, if they fall asleep make them sing a song in English!!!! Miss you xxxx


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