Friday, 20 September 2013

robot ramble- this is how it is in Japan

There is no rubbish here- things are clean- people are respectful- no one enters a home or institution without removing their shoes or putting on indoor shoes. Eating and drinking in public is rude- the train is dead quiet as everyone obeys the rules. Transport here is immaculately timed. I am 15 minutes early to school each day- being late is unthinkable. Society works- everything has a perfect little system- everything is so well figured out- there are no gaps - every angle is covered. You just have to go with it- be flexible trust in Japan and Japanese people and it will work out- and it always does. Things happen as they are supposed to. The bus arrives on time- every time. There is no stress- just behave as you are expected to and all will be fine. You throw burnables out on Mondays and Thursdays in green bags. Unburnable rubbish is taken out on every 1st and 3rd Friday in a yellow bag. Recycling is every other Tuesday - you must clean everything and put it in the right bin- there are about 15 different recycling categories- bottles get recycled separately to their lids. You don't make a mistake. Everyone throws rubbish out correctly. You must throw it out between 6 and 8 in the morning- no other time - never the night before. Everyone respects all the little rules- everything runs smoothly. You never j walk- you always wait at the light. Even if there's no cars for miles. Every shop, restaurant bar or service place you walk into - you will receive the best service you have ever experienced. Everyone has a good time, is in a good mood and is willing to help. And you bow all the time at everyone. You apologise for your existence in any situation and you are grateful and respectful of everything. Everyone is nice. These are the nicest and most considerate people I have ever encountered. There is no crime. My students are insanely sweet. The teachers- incredibly nice and very open-minded to my ideas. I receive gifts all the time- it is customary to just buy gifts for everyone in the office- always weird snack food. It's great. It's called omiyage and you receive it gracefully. From the moment I leave my house I say ohiyo goziemas (good morning) to everybody I encounter.

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